Penny Neff is pleased to introduce.....


Penny Neff

President and Owner
Five Star Vacation Rentals, Inc.

As of November 2018, Five Star Vacation Rentals, Inc is the largest and fastest growing vacation rental company
in Rockport, Texas.

Penny Neff began her hotel career at the age of 19 as a Guest Service Representative at a large
convention hotel in Texas. The hotel business captured her heart quickly and she changed her college
major from music to hotel management. Over the last four decades, she has earned an award-winning
track record using her results oriented style that gets the job done in every economy. Whether, she was
traveling Europe introducing Travel Agents to a Houston Luxury boutique hotel, or traveling the Middle
East as an Army contractor, she is committed to excellence with a keen eye for attention to detail and
doing it all with a heart to serve.

Ms. Neff’s experience combines years of hotel and condominium leadership serving as a General
Manager, Director of Operations, Vice President of a national Houston based hotel Management
Company and leading/motivating a national hotel team as the National Director of Sales with over 300
Sales managers to coach. In the 80’s, as the Regional Director of Sales/Marketing for John Q Hammons
hotels, she led her team to be one of the TOP TWENTY franchise Hotels(Torch Bearer Award) in the
world for two consecutive years! Revenue increases over the previous year were a major factor in
winning the worldwide award for the second year.

She attended several hotel schools, including the coveted Hilton General Manager School in Beverly
Hills, California, Holiday Inn – University Revenue and Sales schools which are considered the original
revenue masters and best in the hotel business. While living in Houston, she was a guest lecturer at the
University of Houston -Hilton Hotel School. She has enjoyed much of her career as a Hilton General
Manager, but has also led Marriott’s and completed four Hyatt Place conversions in Texas. As president
of Texas Task Force 75, Inc. a Texas based consulting firm, she has taken over numerous revenue
distressed hotels and turned them around in record time, both for private hotel owners, banks, and
management companies with clients in Colorado, Montana, Georgia and numerous cities in Texas. Neff
specializes in taking over properties and building revenue to make them profitable. She is well versed in
Homeowner Association business, both as a homeowner and working as a Property Manager for three
Resort HOA properties.

Neff has always accepted every hotel challenge her career has given her and that variety in the business
has given her rare opportunities to serve with the most elite in the world. That variety has allowed her to
work with 2 Presidential staffs by coordinating Secret Service visits for foreign dignitaries, a European
prime minister and the President’s very own HMX-1 MARINE ONE, Executive Flight Detachment.
Even with a busy schedule, she continued to maintain a love and passion for music and kept one foot in
the music community. During her tenure as a hotel executive in Dallas, she wrote commercial jingles on
the side and began writing theme songs for charities. In August 1997, the world renown and most
awarded parachute team in the world, The Elite and legendary Golden Knights at Fort Bragg, North
Carolina, asked her to write a theme song for President George H. Bush as he celebrated his 70 th
birthday with a legendary free fall jump with the Golden Knights.

Ms. Neff has always believed that building relationships is one of the most powerful and important
aspects of doing business which ultimately leads to success. During her years leading hotels in Dallas,
Texas in 1982, she served as the Celebrity Chairperson for Dallas Cowboy football player D.D. Lewis, as
he began his yearly Celebrity Golf Tournament with proceeds going to charity. It was that football
connection and knowledge of football, that landed her in the office of oil tycoon and NFL owner legend, K.
S. ”Bud” Adams, Jr. owner of the then Houston Oilers NFL Football team. She was also his Vice
President of Kenada Farms, another Adams family interest. Working so many years in the hotel business
was the key to being able to keep up with Mr. Adams and his vast array of companies and interests.
Working for Mr. Adams for five seasons, gave her real behind the scenes knowledge of building teams,
the importance of having an insightful coach, world-class negotiating, and working for the best of the
best. Working for Mr. Adams, Neff really grasped the importance of keeping confidential information to
herself and how important trust was in working with high profile people, celebrities and their families. To
this day, she still maintains a private and low profile lifestyle.

And, if the NFL wasn’t exciting enough, Neff is the President and Founder of Four Star Soldier
Fellowship. She has been serving and supporting our warriors and their families since August 1990. As a
woman, she has earned unprecedented access, credibility and acceptance from the male-dominated
Special Operations and Special Forces Communities.

As much as she likes to stay below the radar, the units she has supported behind the scenes have
publicly recognized her work. She has worked with Special Operations Chaplains since December 1997

beginning in Fort Benning, Georgia. She was inducted into the 75 th Ranger Regiment as an Honorary
Member in July 2001. That same line of service and integrity opened the doors for her to serve as an

contractor with the 101 st Airborne (Air Assault) and the legacy rich 502nd Strike Teams in 2003 and 2004
in Iraq. Upon returning from Iraq, in May 2004, Ms. Neff was honored as being a Distinguished and
Honorary Member of the 502 nd Strike Teams at a ceremony in Fort Campbell, Kentucky; solidifying her
moniker as Strike Sis.

January 2009, The 75 th Ranger Regiment honored her work once again, by nominating her as a Heroine
of the Infantry and was awarded the Order of St Maurice, Shield of Sparta.
Ms. Neff has served with the nation’s leading Army Officers who gave her first hand mentoring; learning
with boots on the ground how to lead under fire, both in combat theatre and in business.
Neff explains that leadership has the same principles wherever you serve. She says that in order to be
successful, you must lead from the front.

Arriving in Rockport as a consulting General Manager for the Laguna Reef Condominiums, she led the
property to earn the much sought after “Rockport Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year “ in less
than 20 months after taking the helm. What started as a short term consulting gig, introduced her to
Rockport, Texas, and Neff says, ” I fell in love with Rockport’s easy going relaxing style and charm. I
knew it was the place I wanted to retire and spend the rest of my life.”

Neff says that she has been blessed to have had a long and fruitful hotel and resort career, because the
hotel business teaches four important elements of success, that are transferable to any other industry.
One, is that you have to have a service minded team to deliver consistent high levels of service. Every
single guest should be treated like a VIP. There is no substitute for honest and sincere caring for one’s
vacation, business trip, or family stay. While it is great to find a team member with experience, if the
heart beat to serve isn’t there, that person will not fit into our team culture. Neff says that she would
rather hire for the heart power and train them for the skill, than have experience and no heart to serve!
Two, attention to detail in the sales and marketing efforts are vital to revenue success. And that attention
means total focus on revenue, studying trends and making proactive decisions. If you are going to be
successful, you have to have the courage to make the tough decisions.

When a team watches a leader being faithful in the small attention to details, they know that the larger
opportunities will have the same commitment to the details.

Third, a leader must be a coach that can communicate to the team what the mission is. Working around
football coaches taught me that the coach really does make the difference.

You have to build a team based on the team members’ personality and skill set talents.
That experience surfaced again while working with combat field commanders in Iraq. An effective leader
must lead from the front. No excuses. If you don’t lead, then your strongest team member will lead for

you. Neff’s leadership experienced is spread out in the community as well. In the summer of 2016, she
was asked to serve as the Council Chaplain for The Boy Scouts of America, South Texas Council and
gladly assisted with the Boy Scouts Summer Camp at Camp Karankawa as the Summer Camp Chaplain.
Fourth, if you are going to be in business, don’t apologize for wanting to make a profit. When you offer
a superb product, take care of the customer, client or guest, they will pay top dollar for that. The only
way you can keep a top rated service minded team is to pay them well and give them incentives for
superior service. In our vacation rental business, we have to honor our stewardship responsibility to turn
a profit for our homeowners for their vacation investment. We are constantly studying data on who our
customer is, where they are coming from, and why are they coming here!
“Bottom line, you have to have a foundation of having a service minded team that truly cares, or the
formula doesn’t work”, Neff says. Revenue without customer service can’t last long until the revenue
begins slipping away.

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, and forever changed the landscape of the Rockport-
Fulton area. All of Five Star’s rental properties were hit heavily and both condominium multi property
projects had to be rebuilt and renovated before reopening.
October 1, 2018, Kontiki Beach Resort reopened with beautiful one bedroom condominiums! Five Star
Vacation Rentals also was selected as the new ON SITE Rental and Management Company for Kontiki
Beach Resort.

If you want the best to take care of your homeowner assets, we are the team to do it. We will make a
difference for you!

Our Five Star Points to Making a Difference

S-Stewardship-We are a confident but humble team. We realize that we are the stewards of our homeowner properties and their
financial success. Which means, we must be trustworthy, honorable, and sincere stewards in the care of our guests and their vacations
stays, so memories and enjoyment are the lasting impression of their visit with a Five Star property. We believe that stewardship starts
with a readiness to serve. We believe we have the most focused approach to revenue stewardship than any other vacation rental
management company on the entire Texas coast.

T-Track Record and Tactical Planning- We are confident, that the best way to predict the future is to look at the past. The President
and leader of Five Star Vacation Rentals, Inc. is an award winning hotelier that has 40 years of experience in leading hotels with revenue
success, Franchise Excellent Ratings, Five Star Guest Service ratings, and experience of training up and coming leaders for the
industry. We believe that anyone running a company, regardless of their title, must lead from the front! Our stewardship commitment
also demands that we teach our employees the importance of leadership in leading their individual service teams. Furthermore, to lead
effectively, you have to have a documented tactical plan. Our President and leader has written scores of marketing and successful
business plans in her career. Without a vision, a plan can’t take root and flourish.

A-Attitude-We are confident that our mission is to hire team members with the attitude and heartbeat to serve others. Why? Because
we know we are still in the service industry. In today’s workplace, so many functions are done by a computer. There is an app for just
about everything. We certainly love our LiveRez booking engine. With that said, we know that the soul of success is having a heart beat
to serve others. At the end of each working day, we ask each time member “did you make a difference today for someone”? We
encourage our team members to go the extra mile when in contact with our guests. We think of them more as co-stars in a travel
adventure. We are confident that happy guests return again to stay with us. We believe a positive and uplifting attitude with the small
things, carries over to the big things.

R-Revenue and Repeat Customers- We are confident in our mission to be good stewards of the assets that our homeowners allow us
to book and care for them. Our leadership has over 4 decades of experience analyzing and managing rate and inventory strategies
based on strategic market data. To be the best, we work on increasing our market share, we learn from past, present and projected
trends in our market and capitalize on that data to deliver higher yields on rate and occupancy blends that deliver RevPar increases for
our homeowner customers.
We are excited that we are in business to be profitable for our homeowners, and us! We are proud to say that we take care of our team
members. We pay them better than any other company in our area. ! We share our profitability with our team members. That is only one
of the ways that we keep the best of the best on our team working for you. We also return back to charity 10% of our profits! We believe
that success must be shared and used to help others. And, when we take care of our team members on the field, they perform with
inspiration and motivation to serve you and our community. When our team members make a difference, you will want to return for
another great and memorable experience. That keeps our homeowner customers very happy!

S-Service to Others- We are confident and dedicated to our commitment to foster a company culture that attracts owners, guests, team
members and community partners who want to do business with us. We believe that serving is not just an 8-5 ordeal, we know serving is
a lifestyle. After the office doors close for the day, you still have phone access to us 24 hours a day for emergencies. Our work ethics
are built around an old fashioned standard, that a man’s word is his bond, and a handshake still symbolizes honor, integrity, and
commitment. We may not be able to change the world, but we want to make a difference in the guests and families that we meet and
serve every day. What sets us apart, is our desire to offer service to others.