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Guest Reviews

Very cool place to stay! Easy to find and it has a beautiful view of the water!
Bradley -
Very clean apartment with great view of harbor and bay. All new and restored post-Harvey. You'd never know he was there. Penny is a gre...
Bill -
March 15-March 17, 2019 Great views and fishing just stepping out the back door. Thank you for allowing us to stay. It was a great ti...
Albert -
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          Property Amenities 
       1. Boat Slip on Property              5. On-site Pool        9. Mail & newspaper delivery
2. 800ft Pier for amazing fishing      6. Charcoal Grill    10. On-Site Rental Office
3. Waterfront Rooms              7. Club House              11. Free WIFI
         4. Boat Slip                      8. Free Laundry         12. Free Direct TV

Five Star Vacation Rentals, Inc.

"An arrow can only be shot forward by pulling it back. So when life drags you back with difficulties, that
means it is going to launch you into something great."

October 1, 2018
On behalf of our entire team at FIVE STAR Vacation Rentals, INC. let me say thank you to all of our loyal
guests who have sent congratulations to us as we reopened KONTIKI BEACH RESORT as the new ON SITE
Management RENTAL COMPANY after rebuilding from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.
On Saturday August 25, 2017, Hurricane Harvey barreled through our Beautiful City of Rockport with a
vengeance, and did as much damage as it possibly could. External and internal havoc was done to
business structures and personal homes. Harvey didn’t care who or what it destroyed. The hurricane
did substantial damage to Kontiki Beach Resort (Phase 2) and Bayfront Condominiums at Kontiki (Phase
1) Both entities are governed by individual Home Owners Associations, and the HOA leadership went
right to work in rebuilding. On October 1, 2018, our three story building with the one bedroom
condominiums were able to open for rentals!! It was an exciting day and we had guests check in on our
very first day of opening.

Our team members lost their homes during the storm. But, all team members, immediate family
members and pets were safe. We are a strong team and we all bonded together so we could rebuild
our homes and our beloved Kontiki Beach Resort. Our team is committed to Serving Others in good
times and bad times. We are all Arrows in Life!

Life throws us curves sometimes, but we believe that even in the most difficult times, set backs that
drag us backwards, are much like an arrow. An arrow can only be deployed forwards after it has been
positioned to shoot, by pulling the string and the arrow backwards to a taught level, then releasing it as
it launched to it’s specific target. We move forward in life and business by knowing that even with
difficulties setting us back, we are being positioned to launch forward for a greater cause and purpose.
We are arrows in life, building power and resolve with purpose for a successful launch into the future!
Kontiki Beach Resort is better than ever with our all new renovated condos!